On Monsters Getting Along with Monsters

The Troth
Since evil is by nature (or should I say anti-nature) anti-social, how can monsters get along?

Monsters, I think, are loners. They’re not happy about it and for that reason they’re all the more monstrous. But in Superbia they’re working together. True, they’re doing it with a lot of rancor and nastiness (reminds me of some large companies I’ve worked for) but they’re doing it!

But how are they doing it?

Hey Cornerstone gang — or anybody else — do you have any thoughts on monsters? Cornerstone, you’ve met a few in THE PURLOINED BOY already. Do you like any of them? Can you like a monster?


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3 Comments on “On Monsters Getting Along with Monsters”

  1. idontknowwhattowrite Says:

    I like the bogeymen, and how only kids can see them, so they tell them it is a kid’s story. That is very clevor.
    I could picture the bogeymen when you described them, and they are so cool.(Even though they are evil)

  2. idontknowwhattowrite,

    Have you read about the Inspector of Incorrigible Children yet?

    What did you think of him?


  3. idontknowwhattowrite Says:

    I just read it today. I didn’t really get the fly, but he was cool. I liked how he is like the leader of the bad guys so far, and he makes all the decisions.

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