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Pre-Publication Marketing & Review Coming Along Nicely

March 19, 2007

The Troth

To date there are 7 public and private schools participating in the pre-publication and review campaign for THE PURLOINED BOY. Likely, in the near future, the traffic on this blog will increase markedly. Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be three or four more schools in the mix bring the total to 10 or 11.

Some folks have asked me why a pre-publication campaign is necessary. Here are some reasons:

1. It’d be nice to know if the story is a winner. I think it is; people close to me say it is; but there’s nothing like getting it out there and letting people who don’t know me and who don’t care about my feelings have at it.

2. Feed back could make the story even better. I’m not one of those lonely misanthropic artist types who despise the public. I like feed back — the bad and the good. It helps my creative process. Without it I get into a rut.

3. There’s nothing like a ready fan-base to receive a book to help sales along. Nothing succeeds like success, and if people really like it and are already willing to buy it an tell friends, and so on. You see what I mean?

Some folks are wondering when it will see commercial publication. Well, it definitely will. I can promise that. But whether it is 9 months from now or 18 months I can’t say. My agent will help with that — he’s working on it. Also, I want as strong a release as possible and this little experiment will help this along greatly.