How do you come up with this stuff?!

The Troth
Every so often someone will ask me incredulously, “How do you come up with this stuff?!”

I don’t really know.

What the question may be driving at is the creative process. I have thought about that and here are some ruminations for what they are worth.

I’m currently working on some short stories that I hope to see published in various places and eventually become part of a collection with the working title of: Captain Larry’s Amazing Bag of Whiz Bang!

One of the stories is called “Buyers’ Market” and is about a couple of Realtors (kind of an Abbott and Costello pair) who accidentally sell the entire planet earth to space aliens.

The idea came to me initially in a real estate office I know well. There I sat with a couple of other Realtors waiting for the phone to ring.

To be continued. . . .


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