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What is Basme? Part 2

April 2, 2007

The Troth

Basme works like a loan. It takes from the future to meet the need of the present, Epictetus informs Trevor. (p.29)

That’s why it weakens its users after the effects wear off. It takes time to payback what’s been borrowed.

There are two critical things to remember when using basme: use only what you must (Trevor is told that), and invest the added virtue in what will truly further your interests in the long run (Trevor figures that part out for himself).

Certainly escaping the bogeys is in Trevor’s best interest.

The effects of basme on Trevor obviously heal him from his injuries at the hands of Meno and the bullies and later those hurts he acquires in his mad rush through the Sewer train depot.

But is that all it does for him? In reading the first section (Out of Superbia) do you see anything else happening to Trevor?