Recommended Reading: The Bartimaeus Trilogy


Once you’ve finished THE PURLOINED BOY and you’re wondering, “What would Mortimus recommend?” look up what I think is the best young adult fantasy series to come along in a while — THE BARTIMAEUS TRILOGY.

The author is Jonathan Stroud and I don’t know much about him. But his books are very entertaining, crisply written and thoughtful.

The hero of the books is a djinn named Bartimaeus. The bad-guy, I guess you could say — is his human master, Nathaniel (aka John Mandrake).

They live in a world much like ours but for one important exception — it is run by magicians (or perhaps a better name is wizards).

The books address what I think is a glaring problem with the Harry Potter stories and others like them — what would magic do to its practitioners and how would they relate to the rest of us?

I think magic would corrupt them and they would use it to dominate and intimidate regular folks. So it is in the world of Bartimaeus and Nathaniel.

The books are not only realistic about human nature, they’re a lot of fun!

Morty gives them 5 stars!


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2 Comments on “Recommended Reading: The Bartimaeus Trilogy”

  1. girlygirl100 Says:

    I love this book!! It should be publish. I’m writing a book aswell so i don’t know what else to write about and writting is hard. lol ttyl bye I hope your book gets published.

  2. godzillagirl Says:

    I am glad that the book WILL be published, and I will check out the series you mentioned.
    I will take your ideas into my own writing [which is sooooooooo much fun to do!]

    Thank You bunches!!!!


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