Weirdling or Wyrdling? Vote here!


I’m taking a break from The Purloined Boy Series to work on some short-stories.

I’ll get back to the sequel to The Purloined Boy soon — but I’ve been wondering how I should spell it.

The old English spelling is “wyrd” for the word we spell “weird” today. Would it be too weird to use wyrd? Would people get it? What do you think? I think wyrd has a kind of weird, creepy feel, how about you? Use the comment section below to cast your vote!


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6 Comments on “Weirdling or Wyrdling? Vote here!”

  1. zerodragon32 Says:

    Hey Morty I think you should spell it Wyrdling because the spelling is more not normal and I think it would be a good title

  2. Morty, I think you would just need to read it after you wrote it and see if it seems forced. If it doesn’t my vote is for Wyrdling!

  3. mdragon12 Says:

    I deffinately think it should be Wyrdling!!!!

  4. jollyroger1225 Says:

    I think you should use wyrd. I think it is out of the ordinary. It is eye catching and creative. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out!

  5. jollyroger1225 Says:

    Also, it has the same kind of feel as Purloined. It was a new word that many looked at and said “Wow! What does that mean? If you are woried that people would not get it, you could put a definition or a brief description of it’s origin in the beggining like you did with The Purloined Boy.

  6. lama429 Says:

    I think Wyrdling sounds more wierd! Just like you used bogeyman instead of boogieman. Wyrdling will make the reader ask questions.

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