Looking Ahead


June will see the end of the pre-publication market-test for The Purloined Boy. Over the next few weeks the schools will wrap up their reading and blogging.

What have I learned and what comes after that?

Well, I’ve learned that The Purloined Boy will sell. I’ve also learned that there are a few minor tweeks to the story I’d like to make — nothing too dramatic, but enough to spice up the story a bit and bring some clarity at points.

Most of all, this market-test has given me the needed data to go to pubilshers with confidence, knowing that the story is good and populated with characters that readers love.

The next big event is my meeting with my agent mid-June. A lot of what comes after that will depend on what comes out of that meeting. Writing a book is a thing that involves a lot of people. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he suggests some changes to the story. Depending on the extent of the work needed I can imagine starting to make our pitch to publishers by September.

But what happens in the interim? What about the Wyrdling?

More on that in my next post.


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