Captain Larry’s Amazing Bag of Whiz Bang!


I’m currently working on a series of short stories I hope to eventually see published as a collection entitled “Captain Larry’s Amazing Bag of Whiz Bang!”

Initially I’ll be submitting them as individual works to various magazines and such.

In the days ahead I’ll link readers of this blog to early drafts of the stories. Probably some time next week I’ll post a copy of Buyers’ Market — a story of a Realtor who accidentally sells the planet earth to an alien.

After that I’ll post Mrs. Coulsey’s Basement — a story about a preacher who cast demons out of household appliances!


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2 Comments on “Captain Larry’s Amazing Bag of Whiz Bang!”

  1. jollyroger1225 Says:

    Which do you enjoy more? Writing short stories or writing longer novels?

  2. Mortimus Says:


    I like ’em both — but short stories are fun, and short, too!

    The problem with short stories is there isn’t much of a market for them.


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