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Morty to Visit Trinity Christian Academy!

June 7, 2007


I’ll be at Trinity visiting with 7th and 8th graders on Friday, June 8th.


Ancient Wisdom from the Real Epictetus!

June 4, 2007


When Epictetus had a lamp stolen from him, he said of the thief,

“He paid . . . this price for the lamp, that in exchange for it he consented to become a thief: in exchange for it, to become faithless.”

When arguing with those who considered life in this world worthless, Epictetus said,

“Friends, wait for God. When He gives the signal, and releases you from this service, then depart to Him. But for the present, endure to dwell in the place wherein He hath assigned you your post.”

Here’s some sage advice from Epictetus more would do well to follow,

“Wouldst thou have men speak good of thee? speak good of them. And when thou hast learned to speak good of them, try to do good unto them, and thus thou wilt reap in return their speaking good of thee.”


Who Was the Real Epictetus?

June 1, 2007


Epictetus is my favorite character in The Purloined Boy but he is more than a character — I based him partly on a real person named Epictetus.

The real Epictetus was Greek and lived in the first century A.D.

He had a couple of things in common with the Epictetus in my story. First, he was a slave; and second, he was wise — very wise, in fact. He was so wise that, despite being a slave and never writing anything down himself, many of his sayings come down to us in the wonderful little book, The Golden Sayings of Epictetus.

Like Socrates, what we know of Epictetus comes to us through one of his disciples — a fellow named Arrian.

The real Epictetus was lame. According to legend he was lame because of the tortures he received at the hand of his master. In my story my Epictetus is blind in one eye. Perhaps I’ll explain why I changed that detail sometime.

In the days ahead I share with you some of the things the real Epictetus said. I think you’ll agree he was as wise as the legends say he was.