Here’s Justin’s first concept for the cover of The Fey Brand


Pretty cool, huh?
There are a number of things that I’ll be talking to Justin about. What do you think of the basic concept?

By the way, check out Justin’s latest project on Beowulf. Go to:

You can get there by simply clicking the Beowulf link on the blog roll.


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2 Comments on “Here’s Justin’s first concept for the cover of The Fey Brand”

  1. tonyasquilts Says:

    I immediately noticed the sketch when I logged in tonight! How exciting!! I will be sure to point it out to the students! Where does this new book cover begin? Is it in the middle of “The Purloined Boy?” I can’t remember what you said, Morty. Sorry about that.

  2. Mortimus Says:

    Mrs. Snyder,

    This scene is near the end of the market-test book. Here we see the Icaroo carrying Trevor and Maggie over the Bounding Heath to the Vale of the Magi.

    I’ve changed the spelling of Fay Brand to Fey Brand for etymological reasons.

    Also, Justin has just finished a very cool book on Beowulf just in time for the new movie. Everyone can check out the book by clicking on the Beowulf the Book under the Blogroll.


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