For Teachers

We’re looking for ways to use the book with students in middle school and high school. Please share your ideas here!

2 Comments on “For Teachers”

  1. 7thteacher Says:

    My students are enjoying reading the book. The idea of reading a book that others have not read has them very excited. They are enjoying being able to blog and have the author respond so quickly. I am hoping that this will open up their minds to both reading for enjoyment as well as the possibility of pursuing writing endeavors in their own futures.

    As for using it in the classroom, I create short worksheets for each chapter which help them focus their ideas for our class discussions. I don’t ask simple recall questions, instead I focus more on a “journaling” approach so we can talk about events and characters in the story. Also, the kids are loving the great descriptions. Since we have also studied vivid writing and adjectives I have focused some on this with the book. One activity we did was a worksheet that I created. I found some particularly vivid descriptions in the text and then wrote the same thing but “boring” without adjectives. The kids then located the matching passage in the text and we talked about the use of adjectives. It was an enjoyable way to talk about spicing up our own writing.

  2. 7thteacher,

    Thanks for those thoughts! We’ll keep your post up for other teachers to see!


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