H.W. Porter School

The Icaroo

Columbia Kids

At least 45 students will start reading THE PURLOINED BOY in early May under the supervision of Mrs. E!

Porter School kids, you can talk to Morty or each other by blogging here!

13 Comments on “H.W. Porter School”

  1. Mortimus Says:

    I’ll be appearing at the H.W. Porter School on Friday, May 11th!


  2. mrse1 Says:

    I just wanted to say that the students are really enjoying the novel so far! Thank you so much for the visit to our school and for sharing about yourself.

  3. Mortimus Says:


    Good to hear from H.W. Porter School! I enjoyed my time with you.

    If any of the kids want to ask me questions about the book, this is a good place for that.


  4. sbarrett3 Says:


    Hi mortimus your book is great but i was just wondering why the guy wear a eye pacth. then when he reads he takes it off.

    ps write back soon

  5. Mortimus Says:


    Yes, it is a very curious thing; isn’t it?

    There are lots of very interesting things having to do with eyes and seeing in The Purloined Boy.

    Care to take a guess as to what it might mean?


  6. emmyc6v Says:

    Hi Mortimus. I’m Emmy. I really enjoyed the book and it has a good plot to it. But I think that you need to explan more for the ending when he finds the Fray Brand because I was confused. I have one question, why was Trevor glowing when he was looking for the Fray Brand.
    p.s. respond soon

  7. Mortimus Says:


    Emmy, thanks for the thoughts!

    One of the things that you struggle with as an author is whether you should “show” or “tell”. I think that generally showing is better, but there are some situations where showing is hard to do — like when you’re describing a strange new world.

    I think if you read the ending over again a couple of times you’ll have an easier time visualizing it.

    Great question about Trevor glowing! Here’s why — Trevor had been transformed by his “bath” in the stream between the trees (Boaz and Jachin). Here’s a very important clue to something that comes up later in books two and three — remember who else glowed?


  8. emmyc6v Says:

    Hi morty again. I think that you are right. Rereading the ending is a good idea. I have 2 more question, where did you come up with Zepher and what happened to Max after they were attaked.
    Thanks for visiting our school.

  9. Mortimus Says:


    Zephyr came to me when I was thinking about how to get Trevor out of the Pantry. It was a pretty hopeless situation and it occured to me that only something very small and very powerful could reach him there and help him. Besides, mice are often found in a pantry!

    At this point, only Zephyr knows what’s happened to Max! What do you think, is he alive or is he dead?


  10. reillylover Says:

    Would it be possible for me to buy a copy of the version of the book my school got to read?? and if I can …. could you sign it??? Please???!!!!????

  11. reillylover Says:

    I can’t wait till it comes out!

  12. Mortimus Says:


    I’d be glad to do that. I’m hoping to come back to your school soon with the final version of the book.

    Don’t tell anyone yet, but you can already get the book on Amazon. Just search for “Mortimus Clay” and the book should come up. The official release date is not until April 2 — but you can get it anyway!

  13. reillylover Says:

    That is so cool! Alot of the kids in my grade cant wait for it to come out. It would be awsome if you came to my school again too!!!!!!!!!!!1

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