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Nathan Hale Kids

50 readers begin reading THE PURLOINED BOY April 10th under the supervision of Mr. C.!

Blog with Morty here Captian Nathan Hale gang!

21 Comments on “Nathan Hale Middle School”

  1. lovesalot10 Says:

    I have really enjoyed the book so far and I can’t wait to find out even more!

  2. poopsyscoopsy101 Says:

    I LOVE THIS FLIPPING BOOK. ITS SO AWESOME. Your the best author in the world.

  3. poopsyscoopsy101 Says:

    Hi morty,
    Your the best you sighned my friend’s tape ball.(soon that’s gonna be worth millions)
    -Your Friend

  4. Mortimus Says:

    Thank you, thank you, lovesalot10 and poopsyscoopsy101!

    Good to hear from you. Great names, by the way.


  5. animalover22 Says:

    Hi Morty! I just wanted to say that the book is really good even though im a little behind i cant wait until the end so I can have all my questions answered! Well see you on either May 11th or May 10th!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. coventrygirl101 Says:

    I love your book so far but I just can’t figure one thing out, Who is the burning man that tells Maggie and Trevor to go back where they came from?????

  7. Mortimus Says:


    A couple of things. First, you’ll get some clues as to the identiy of the burning man by the end of the book.

    Second, he doesn’t tell them to go back — he tells them to go ahead, across the stream, remember?

    You may be thinking of the pipe smoking hare who tells them to go back.


  8. coventrygirl101 Says:

    OK, I have another question… When Trevor was in the realm of night was he really in the land of the dead? And if he wasn’t, will he ever get to go to the land of the dead, without actually being dead or does he have to die before he can see Zephyr and Epictetus again?

  9. Mortimus Says:


    Excellent question!

    I can’t say! Sorry! Just remember Zephyr’s words, “Is this the end of the story?”


  10. coventrygirl101 Says:

    Yes I am at the end of the book. I thought it was a great I can’t wait for you to finish writing the next book and I can’t wait for our next meeting tomorrow.

  11. coventrygirl101 Says:

    When is this book, do you think going to be in stores? And when do, you think the next book you are writing going to be finshed?

  12. Mortimus Says:


    I’m very glad you like to book.

    I was on the phone with my agent last week and we’re getting ready to approach some publishers. Your comments, and those of others, will help us to show that there is a large potential audience for the book.

    How quickly we get the book sold will determine how soon it will be available.


  13. coventrygirl101 Says:

    Good Luck! I hope you get your book sold as soon as possible because I deffinately want to buy it. I also hope that after it does get sold to the public, you will come back to my school so maybe I and some other people could get our books signed.

  14. houseofhorrors Says:

    I really enjoyed that book. I hope you can do the same thing with the next one even though i probally will be at Coventry High by then but I really want to read the next book. With the question u asked about the title I personaly think you should spell it wyrd.

  15. coventrygirl101 Says:

    I think you should spell it wyrd too.

  16. mdragon123 Says:

    Hey I loved your book. cant wait until the next one comes out. The next one should deffinately be called “The Wyrdling” with a “y” instead of the “ei”. So I hope you spell it that way.

  17. shanayla Says:

    I loved your book but i dont get one thing: Why did you kill off two main charaters???

  18. Mortimus Says:

    Thanks for reading it!

    I get the message — The Wyrdling it will be!


    Sounds like you missed our last meeting! Just remember Zephyr’s words — “Is this the end of the story?”


  19. russelljlwp Says:

    this is a test

  20. gumaddict36 Says:

    wow, poopsyscoopsy101, sounds like you put a lot of work into that name……yeah right, IT STINKS!

  21. mdragon12 Says:

    When do you think you will be done writing the second book¿? Around what year do you think all three books will be ready and published because i deffinately want to read all three of your books.

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