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Theย Icaroo


King’s 7th, 8th, and 9th grade — about 30 people — begin reading on April 9th!

Blog with Morty here King’s gang!

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  1. tonyasquilts Says:

    We just started reading the book yesterday, April 30th. We have only read chapter 1, but we are very anxious to continue on! We look forward to visiting with Morty on Thursday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. lama429 Says:

    I really love The Purloined Boy! It gets more and more interesting every time I read each chapter. After I finish this book, I want to buy the rest of the series (if they go in stores, of course!) My class is really looking forward to your coming on May 3. See ya then, Morty!
    -lama429 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bluebubbles412 Says:

    I really like chapters 2 and 3. It gives a lot of information about what is going to happen. I can’t wait to read the next chapter!:)

  4. xlinkx Says:

    So far so good, I’ve enjoyed chapter 3 the most. The transition from “normal” life in superbia to the start of the adventure was very enjoyable. I like the fact that Trevor can tell that the administrators are bogey men and no one else can. A main character needs somthing that sets him apart from the rest of the children. The story is warming up very nicely. I love how the story has a bazzare(spelling)/wierd feel to it. I still don’t have a clue what that mouse is, but i’m sure I will find out soon.

  5. sourlemons Says:

    The purloined boy is an interesting book !!!!! Its a combination of mystery, fantasy, and horror and by far the best book we’ve read this year as a class thanks for leting us read your test copies


  6. balladofathinman Says:

    The book its kind of got this aura of surrealism about it. Something that I did not expect from it. Its a much better piece of literature then I thought it would be. Mortimus you have done a great job creating the imagery and unnatural new ideas making the book intresting and as I said before surrealist. Great book.

  7. Mortimus Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, gang!

    I’m looking foward to seeing you on the 3rd.


  8. queenlinzee Says:

    The Purloined Boy is reminds me of some other fantasies I’ve read. I’m excited to meet Mortimus tommorrow because I have a lot of questions to ask him about the book and some of the up coming books I will be looking forward to reading in the future. Have the best of luck getting it published and for the future books too. I’m glad we get the privelege of getting to read the test copies and for coming to meet us tommorow…

    Thanks lots,

  9. boston33 Says:

    I am really enjoing the beginning of the book. I really like your writing style and it is very interesting. It makes me want to read more and more. I can’t wait untill you come to meet with us on the third. I have a lot of questions for you and I can’t wait to hear your answers. Thanks a lot.


  10. xlinkx Says:

    I have a question:
    are we aloud to put comments on the front page like “the making of a good story” I went ahead and did but after I noticed that nobody else has. I was wondering if it was rule not to or not.

  11. Mortimus Says:


    That’s fine! I’d like more people to do that!


  12. supergirl717 Says:

    This book is deffinately the best book i’ve read in a long time!! I’m excited that you’re coming tommorow, Morty. There are so many questions… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. supergirl717 Says:

    i can’t wait to read more of the book!! it’s one of the few books that have caught my attention that is a class assignment. Thank so much for letting us test it out!


  14. todelmer Says:

    Good book so far. Interesting plot, setting and characters. Can’t wait to read more!!!

  15. reagan Says:

    Wow!!!! this is the best book iv’e read all year,…so far:)! I can’t wait to read more!

  16. supergirl717 Says:

    im so interested in how you made up the characters, plot, and how you can paint pictures in peoples minds with your descriptions….it really helps

  17. todelmer Says:

    When is this book scheduled to be released to the public?

  18. Mortimus Says:


    Good question. I’m speaking with my literary agent this Friday. He’s a very busy fellow and I’ve not had a chance to speak with him for a couple of weeks.

    All I can say is I’m pretty confident based on the reception the advanced review copy is getting that it is just a matter of time. I wish I could say more.

    When I know I’ll announce it on this blog.


  19. xlinkx Says:

    I can’t wait I defiently(spelling) will buy it. Will it ever be released in hard cover?

  20. Mortimus Says:


    I sure hope so.


  21. calsny Says:

    it is a very interesting book i like how you didnt give any hints and it just hit me when i foubd out about maggie and epictetus were related GOOD JOB

  22. tonyasquilts Says:

    When did you first start writing this book, Morty? At what point did you think you had something that was publish-worthy?

  23. Mortimus Says:


    I started working on the story on and off over four years ago — maybe five. I can still remember working on the first chapters at a camp ground in New Hampshire.

    About a year and a half ago I got serious about finishing the story.

    Back in September I began to look for a literary agent. Even after that I still worked on the story. I’d say it was only put into its current form about two months ago.

    When did I think it was publishable? Right from the start.

    I’ve begun businesses and a nonprofit organization. Whenever I start something new I know right away whether it will work or not.

    Within days after I had the basic concept four years ago I knew I had a great story to tell.


  24. todelmer Says:

    You have been working on this book for over four years? That’s a pretty long time!

  25. supergirl717 Says:

    you were right in the talk we had today…the book really does pick up in the fourth chapter! thanks for coming today ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. jaymac19 Says:

    if your pen name is mortimus clay and it means dead body will you use that for a book that isn’t supposed to be scary

  27. lama429 Says:

    Sorry to trouble you again Morty! But does the burning tree or bush have something to do with The Purloined Boy? Does it come later in the story? Just wonderin.’ Thanks.
    -lama429 ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. bluebubbles412 Says:

    You answered so many of our questions! Now, I can get a better picture of what the story is going to be like! Thanks!

  29. Mortimus Says:


    A student at Cornerstone asked the same question!

    Check out my post on that subject there.

    On your second question, I assume you’re talking about the illustration at the begining of Part 3 — Yes. That is a very important part of he story.


  30. todelmer Says:

    (another inspiration quesion) Where did you get inspiration for the Sun Eaters?

  31. Mortimus Says:


    I’m not really sure where I got the idea for them. I guess it had to do with the cosmology of the world they live in. When I had a picture in my head of how their world worked I knew that the secret society would be called The Vernerable Guild of the Suneaters.


  32. happyjunk234 Says:

    hey i’m in the sewer part and he just let go of the boat and going down stream again. Isantdownstream toward the guards?

  33. Mortimus Says:


    Nope, it’s going away from them.


  34. supergirl717 Says:

    hi morty…on question: why did you make trevor so afraid? soes it represent something like the spirit of fear that he breaks free of later n in the book? just wondering! Thanks!


  35. Mortimus Says:


    I’m not sure how I’ll use my pen name. Some authors have several.


  36. Mortimus Says:


    I wasn’t thinking so much about a “spirit of fear” as much as I was just thinking how scared I’d be if I found myself in Trevor’s spot.

    How Trevor becomes brave is a pretty important theme in the book. As you read you’ll see some interesting developments.


  37. happyjunk234 Says:

    thanks i appreashiate it

  38. Mortimus Says:


    The layers happened almost unconsciously.

    I knew as I wrote the book that I wanted to use Plato as a kind of template for the story — there are things philosophers talk about — stuff called: epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and cosmology — I wanted to use those things from Plato. If you were to read Plato’s Republic, then read The Purloined Boy — you’d see Plato all over the place.

    But I also wanted the story to be a real story with suspense, heroism, and so forth. I wanted a fun read.

    But at an even deeper level than Plato, I wanted to explore some themes and ideas that are compelling to me. Those ideas are spiritual in nature.


  39. xlinkx Says:

    I saw an article in the coventry newspaper titled INTERVIEW WITH MOTIMUS CLAY. I kept in mind it was written by an eleven year old but still there were a few errors. Never the less I hope it arises interest of the people in my comunity.

  40. Mortimus Says:


    The interiview was in Coventry Monthly. The interviewer was a very nice young lady and I enjoyed my time speaking with her.

    There were a few small problems but over all it was a very nice piece.


  41. xlinkx Says:

    thats what I meant Coventry monthly

  42. todelmer Says:

    Exactly how many schools and other places have you gone to to preveiw your book?

  43. bluebubbles412 Says:

    Who are the Sun-eaters?

  44. Mortimus Says:


    There are 8 schools reading the book — about 300 kids.


  45. Mortimus Says:


    The Sun Eaters are the good guys. It’s another name for the Guild.

    Epictetus, Maggie, and everyone else in Trothward is a SunEater.


  46. lama429 Says:

    Thanks Morty for telling bluebubbles412 about the Sun-Eaters. Now I’m understanding the book much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. supergirl717 Says:

    Thanks Morty!! I get the book a bit better now…but i’m still wondering how the Basme fruit gets light from the sun that’s not there, but the light of the future…but isnt the future dark too or i shouldnt be asking this question because it will give away sokme of the book…ok thanks anyways!!!

  48. Mortimus Says:


    That’s how the Guild know the future isn’t dark. The light from the Troth tells them so.


  49. supergirl717 Says:

    another question that you dont’ need to answer beacuse it has nothing to do with the book but how do you get a picture in the box thingy?…like how you have a tree…just wondering

  50. tonyasquilts Says:

    Perhaps I missed something along the way…If Maggie has a grandfather, do we know who her parents are? Or is Epictetus not a biological grandfather? (I hope I didn’t miss this!)

  51. balladofathinman Says:


    To get the picture you want save it into your my pictures folder. Then go to your blogger profile and look for the part of it that asks if you want to create a avatar, click yes. There will be a button that says browse, click on it. It will bring up your folders list. Make sure you’re in the my pictures folder then at the bottom type in the file name and click open. Then click on the upload image button beneath the browse button.

  52. balladofathinman Says:

    Why did you have the chidren at the Guild call Theodore, “Tubby”. It seems kind of mean.

  53. bluebubbles412 Says:

    The book is great so far! I can’t for to read the next chapters! Why do they call Abigal, Maggie?

  54. Mortimus Says:


    Maggie’s mother is the Lady Rowena. The Lady is the daughter of Epictetus. Maggie’s father is named Marcus. He comes into the next book in the series.


  55. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks for the blog on avatars. Your’s is very cool, by the way.

    Also, on Tubby. I’m afraid kids will be kids, even in Trothward.


  56. Mortimus Says:


    Maggie wants people to call her Maggie. She doesn’t like her given name. That’s pretty much in character for her. She likes being in charge — even of what people call her.


  57. supergirl717 Says:

    i know i probably sound stupid but how do you get to your blogger’s profile? i found ir before but don’t know how to get there now…thanks so much!


  58. lama429 Says:

    Chapters 12&13
    Is Master Paracelsus a good guy? (He probably is) But he seems like a bad guy or something. Also, does the book in Icabod’s room have any special importance to the story? Thanks!

  59. boston33 Says:

    Chapter 12 and 13
    I have really enjoyed the book up to this point. I would have to say that my favorite part was Trevor’s escape with Zephyr. Zephyr is my favorite character in the story, but I have some Questions about him. Just exactly what is Zephyr. I mean, I know he is a mouse, but why does he glow? How come people can focus on him and do what he does? Why does he help the children? I have a few more questions about the rest of the story ,too. In chapter 12, what does Icabod’s unreadable book mean? Is it something that could help the fishes and Alchemists save the children? Does it play a signifigant roll in the rest of the story? Well anyway, I can’t wait untill you come to talk to us again. Thanks so much.

  60. xlinkx Says:

    Chapter 12 and 13
    The time trevor opened up that book in the Iluminaters Library. It reminded me of the time I tried to read past 2 in the morning. The book was incromprihensible because my eyes we’re so heavy. XD. Ok back to chapter review, Where is all the action? Where is all the suspence? Where is all the awesome and super scary moments that made me fall in love with this book. I guess it’s taking a short break but c’mon why want non-stop action sequence. I still like the chapters and all but I hope this story warms up soon.

  61. Mortimus Says:


    Patience. Patience.

    Chapter 14 is an important turning point. I think you’ll like Part 3.


  62. Mortimus Says:


    As I said to xlinkx, patience. Things will start to make sense soon.


  63. supergirl717 Says:

    chapters 12 and 13
    i have a few questions about these chapters…one is why is Master Icabod so grouchy? i mean hes so snappy all the time. is he just testing Trevor? second question is what is Paracelus so secretive…is he up to something bad? adn why can’t people read that book in the Master Icabod’s room? does it only have a special “one” that can read it? well that’s it thanks
    – supergirl717

  64. reagan Says:

    chapters 12 & 13
    Hey! This book is really good! I only have a few questions though. First, where is Zepher in
    ch.12-13? Is he getting other childern or…. Also,Master Icabods’ book, why can’t anybody read
    it? Anyway, such an awesome book so far!

  65. bluebubbles412 Says:

    chapters 12&13
    Why does Paracelsus want Trevor to help him free the children? He seems very suspious! And, What old things does he want Trevor to look for? Can Epictetus read that “book”? I can’t wait to read ch.14!

  66. calsny Says:

    yhe book has been realy good. my favorite charecter is maggie she is so energetic. I am looking forword to the therd

  67. todelmer Says:


    I cant help but read ahead the book is so good!! (sorry mrs. snyder)
    I do want to know if we learn the origins of the tree or not.

  68. supergirl717 Says:


    i’m so confused about all this set up stuff (as you probably already know)so yeah i need a little help setting up my picture…how do i get to my blogger’s profile?

  69. Mortimus Says:


    Why not speak to Mrs. Snyder tomorrow? She has an avatar — she can help you set one up.


  70. Mortimus Says:


    Icabod is grouchy because he knows the Illuminators are dying off and are being replaced by the Alchemists. Besides that, he’s just grumpy.


    You’ll soon find out more about Master Paracelsus.


    Yes, Zephyr is away on important business — partly saving children.

    About the book — I’m afraid the solution to reading the book is still along way ahead.


    I’m glad you like Maggie. She’s one of my favorites.


  71. xlinkx Says:

    I feel I am the only one who has not gone ahead. I want the experience to be best and all, but I feel so behind.

  72. sourlemons Says:


    so this whole illuminator thing has got me confused! Part of me feels sorry for them but the other part wants to hate that great illuminator guy. I mean if that’s what being a great illuminator means then who’d want to be one??????

  73. happyjunk234 Says:

    I just tried to send you a big blog and it didnโ€™t go through what happened?

  74. Mortimus Says:


    Remember the word “great” can be used in different ways. Someone can be a great mountain climber and not be a great person.


    Whew! That’s a load of questions! Here’s just a couple of answers. The juice from the Troth wouldn’t work. There are things it will do and things that it won’t. And second, Gorgon discovered the doors to the worlds but the bogeys can open them on their own.


  75. tonyasquilts Says:

    Blogging for a student with no blogging name:

    “So far, I still like the book. But there’s some confusion. That would be from Icabod. I’m a little confused about how he got to the way he is. I mean, he just snaps for no reason at all. Why does he do that?

  76. Mortimus Says:

    student with no blogging name,

    I’m afraid people can be that way. I’ve had people snap at me for no reason I could find. Usually people are like that because of things in their lives that have hurt them or bother them, but they don’t know what to do about them. So, they snap at people.


  77. xlinkx Says:

    Chapters 14-19
    O’migosh you were right the book does get bit better than in chapter 12-13. Dang I love how Meno and Co. are about to destroy and savatosh the whole Troth place. It give me in uneasy feeling. I love it.

  78. xlinkx Says:
    This was the closest thing I could find to a casper the friendly ghost night light…CHEERS!

  79. lama429 Says:

    Your book is getting better and better as I read along!!! Chapter 14 I think it was, was EXCELLENT!!! I am definitely going to buy the rest of the series!!! One question: What exactly is the Fay Brand? Will we learn later on? Oh yeah, and Mother Root is awesome!!! Great job on everything!!
    -lama429 ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. lama429 Says:

    What does ‘vittle’ mean? Thanks.

  81. xlinkx Says:

    Vittle is cowboy for food. lama429, and we havent gotten to mother root yet. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS NOT GONE AHEAD!

  82. boston33 Says:

    I just finished reading through chapter 17. The book gets better and better every time I read a chapter. It is a very thrilling book to read. I hate having limits on what we read. I can’t wait untill the rest of the series comes out. You are an excellent writer.

  83. Mortimus Says:


    Hey, that Casper the Friendly Ghost Candelabra is very cool!



  84. bluebubbles412 Says:

    I absolutely love the book! It’s the most interesting & exciting book we read so far(in class.) I can’t wait to read ch.18 to find out more! And what is it with Santa?

  85. queenlinzee Says:

    Chapters 12&13

    I’m way late on this!!!:(
    To me in chapter 12 Paracelsus seems a little supicious!!!He’s said how all these things about how he wants to save children from bogeys and stuff, but there’s something weird about him though…I dont know maybe its just me.Will we meet Gorgon later in the story as a main character, is he going to be help Trevor in someway…thanks,


  86. supergirl717 Says:

    the book is soooo good so far…deffinately no doubt the best book we’ve read so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. balladofathinman Says:

    Chapters 12&13

    Icabod is by far my favorite character tus far. Although he is a bit odd he seems to be quite intelligent and discerning of others. Plus, I love the way he has a memory like he has Alzheimer’s . Paracelsus is a little devious and crafty, which makes him seem like he is up to something immoral and wrong.

  88. balladofathinman Says:

    I mean thus, not tus.

  89. queenlinzee Says:

    How does Maggie actually get back and fourth between Superbia and Trothward, I understand that she is a fisher and Epictetus takes her back and fourth but how??? THANKS MORTIMUS ITS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!

  90. Mortimus Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts!


    I’m glad you like Icabod, he was fun to write about. He’s the classic grumpy old man.


    Read the chapter on the banquet closely and you’ll get a good idea of how it’s done.


  91. lama429 Says:

    SORRY!!! I won’t go ahead anymore!!! (Sorry Mrs. Snyder! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ] I can’t help myself because the book is so good, but I will stop!! And thanks for telling me what vittle meant, xlinkx.

  92. queenlinzee Says:

    I’ll stop too.

  93. supergirl717 Says:

    me too… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  94. tonyasquilts Says:

    The only reason to not go ahead is that many of us need to be held accountable to get through the entire book. The best way for me to do that as the teacher is to give period comprehension checks. When you read too far ahead, you aren’t remembering what happened at the various checkpoints. (That’s the drawback of reading a book for a class assignment, I guess!) I’m so glad, though, that everyone is enjoying the book!

  95. supergirl717 Says:

    i’m sorry mrs. snyder… i literally randomly opened the book and saw the word “zephyr was dead” so i need to ask a question

    does Zepyr come back to life later on or is he DEAD for good?same with epictetus..

  96. Mortimus Says:


    Remember Zephyr’s words to Trevor when Epictetus died, “Is this the end of the story?”


  97. queenlinzee Says:

    dont ruin it guys!!!

  98. tonyasquilts Says:

    In our class discussion today, a few of us noticed a discrepancy between the text on p. 197 and the illustration on p. 182. The ogre is said to be between 10-12 feet tall (depending on the copy/version of the book being read), and Mother Root is said to be “tall.” The drawing would imply that she is not really tall at all.

    We really got into our “seed discussions” today!

  99. supergirl717 Says:

    lol…sorry lindsay ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. supergirl717 Says:

    thanks morty!!

  101. Mortimus Says:


    I agree, the illustration leaves something to be desired.

    Justin and I went back and forth on this one and in the end time limitations made me settle. I’m hopeful that we’ll get Justin to do a new version for commercial release.


  102. todelmer Says:

    I also think that there could be more illustrations ie. put a picture of Zephyr were he makes an important appearance. Some of the locations are hard to picture in the minds eye and could use even a little illustration.

  103. lama429 Says:

    Chapters 24-30
    You are right todelmer, about the illustrations. But anyway, just a few questions: Do the wolves, the hare, and the Burning Man have any significance later on? What exactly is the Icaroo? Thanks Morty!
    -lama429 ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Mortimus Says:


    They all come into either this book again or in future books.

    You’ll learn about the Icaroo soon!


  105. sourlemons Says:

    how come there are no pictures of maggie????????????

  106. Mortimus Says:


    Good question! I wanted one, but I had to make a difficult choice when it came to what should be illustrated for the advance review copy of the book.

    There are five sections, so we needed an illustration for the front of each section that would kind of sum up something important about that section.

    Then we had two more — one for the cover page (which I thought had to be a bogeymen) and then the drawing of Trevor — which I’ve never been all that happy with.

    In order, my favorite illutrations are 1. the front cover, 2. the bogey, 3. Trevor and Maggie in their baskets carried by the Icaroo, 4. the Troth, 5. Zephyr, 6. Epictetus with the basme, 7. Mother root and Leroy, 8. Trevor waking up (which is not in the book — only on the website.

    I would like an illustration of Maggie. Which scene with Maggie do you think would make a good illustration?


  107. lama429 Says:

    Is the Icaroo the different colored birds? Or I am I wrong? Thanks!

  108. Mortimus Says:


    Yes, the Icaroo are the birds.


  109. supergirl717 Says:

    chapters 24-30

    I was wondering the same thing, so the icaroo are the birds…how did you come up with the names for the wolves and how did Trevor and Maggie hear what the wolves were saying???
    and I’m a little confused about the Fire man person…he’s interesting…it kind of reminds me of the evil thing in Lord of the Rings 1 in the cave where the Dwarves were(but were all dead when they found it) if you’ve ever watched it…

  110. Mortimus Says:


    Concerning understanding the language of the wolves — remember that while at Mother Root’s the children found that they could understand the speech of animals — Mother says, “Yo’ native powers is comin’ back.”

    The names for the wolves were just a matter of thinking “What would wolves call each other?”

    The burning man is very important. In the chapters ahead you’ll see why.


  111. reagan Says:

    chapters 24-30
    I have a question. Is Zepher the one who chooses the kid?(in this case Trevor) This is such an exciting book so far. I really am enjoying it!

  112. Mortimus Says:


    Yes, that’s right. Zephyr makes the choice.

    Good to see you and Matt in church this morning.


  113. supergirl717 Says:

    ok…that’s kinda cool how Mother’s cooking can do that…another question…how come there’s blue sky over mother root’s house but no where else(that they can see)???

    thanx again


  114. queenlinzee Says:

    yeah, how did Trevor and Maggie hear the wolves? I don’t get that am I missing something. Um and I didn’t think the burning man was going to be significant as I was reading but while thinking about it afterwards I’m wondering what kind of significance he will have in this book… or in later books…??? And pertaining to the Maggie illustration I think you should do the scene when Epictetus dies show her with him in her lap. That woud be good!!Or when she ran away in the tunnels and she was grabbed.

  115. todelmer Says:

    Maybe the burning man represents the tree……… Im not really sure yet.

  116. lama429 Says:

    Chapters 24-30
    Do the Musical Spheres have any significance later on or in any of your other books? Thanks.

  117. bluebubbles412 Says:

    Ch. 24-30
    How come Mother Root or Zephyr don’t lead them to the Magi?( Even though their going to use the pig!)

  118. Mortimus Says:


    Remember, Trevor and Maggie asked her about that. She’s a pretty powerful woman who’s not about to let some clouds spoil her flowers!


  119. Mortimus Says:


    Those are excellent suggestions for the illustration of Maggie!


  120. Mortimus Says:


    Yes, the spheres will be important in the third book.


  121. Mortimus Says:


    Mother Root is a homebody, she can’t abandon her goats!

    Zephyr is busy saving children back in the Pantry. He’ll show up again though, you’ll see.


  122. xlinkx Says:

    Chapters 24-30
    Dang I’m glad mother root left them she was getting on my nerves. In the beginning of when she came in the accent was alright and humorous. I have enough rootin tootin “cuntry” nonsense since reading through Uncle Remus when I was young. I’m sure other people like it but for me it was like bleah!

    In the words of Mother Root: (joke)
    Dang them mother root left those she wus gittin on me nerves. En the begening of whin she cum in that accent wus allrighh and hoomorus. Me had enough rootin tootin cuntry nonsence since reading threw them uncle reamos when I was a wee one. Me sure otha peeps like it but fer me it was like bleeah

  123. boston33 Says:

    Chapters 24-30
    The book gets better every time I pick it up. I am really ejoying the story up to this point. What does the burning man represent? Does he mean a lot later in the story? How did you come up with the idea to call the brids group the Icaroo. Where did you get that name from.? Well anyway, see you soon. Thanks.


  124. boston33 Says:

    Hey Morty,
    I just had a few questioins about the book. When is it coming out to the public? Are you working on the second book now? When do you think you’ll be done? Well, I was just wondering; can’t wait to read the rest of the seires. Thanks.


  125. Mortimus Says:


    The name Icaroo comes from the Greek myth of Icarus. I thought that the “oo” on the end made it sound kind of “birdy.”

    Go Red Sox!


  126. happyjunk234 Says:

    Ch. 30

    what was the bird thing who spoak to the people then trevor and abagal?

  127. balladofathinman Says:

    Ch. 24-30

    Why did you use birds as ones who help Trevor and Maggie? Did you just like the idea of them or is their a depper meaning? Also I like the way you surreptitiously make Icaroo a way of referring to the story of Icarus.

  128. Mortimus Says:


    No, deeper meaning in one sense — i.e. I had a practical problem of geeting Trevor and Maggie to the Vale of the Magi over rough terrain. I didn’t want to use eagles — taken by Tolkien.

    On another level, think about Icarus — what happened to him? It is a bit of a clue on Trevor’s destiny.


  129. sourlemons Says:

    chapter 24-30

    Okay question

    what is mother root and where did she come from also how did you come up with the idea for her? anyways in chapter 27 trevor looks thru pig again or augothon What does augothon mean like is there any signifigance to the name? and can it show anything to trevor?

  130. Mortimus Says:


    I’m not entirely sure what Mother Root is — I had several things in mind to inspire me. Can you think of any of them?

    The augothon — the root “augo” means “eye” — and no, it won’t show him anything he wants to see, only what he should see.


  131. todelmer Says:

    Mother root could symbolize nature in itself: She can talk to animals and has a great love of plants, she has a little cottage in the woods, away from all the troubles of the world.


    Mother Root’s cottage seems to be the only place in the superbia area were nature really flourishes. You mentioned that she has extroidinary power. This could mean that she has the power of nature, or she IS nature.

    Either way she is an incredibly interesting character, and, just like Zephyr and the tree, leaves many questions to be answered.

  132. calsny Says:

    the book just seems to keep geting beter and beter keep up the good work. I cant wait to see you again. my favorite charecter is leroy will he be in the next books as a important charecter like he distroys a big building of bogeys singel handedly or what but it has been fun talking bie have fun with book 2!!

  133. lama429 Says:

    I just finished the book. You did a fantastic job on it, Morty!! I didn’t want it to end, and I can’t wait till the other books come out! A few questions: In a part of the book you say that Zephyr was grey, so where does his glowing come from? Is the Presence the Watcher? Is Magus plural for Magi? Does Trevor still have the Augathon with him? Did Trevor’s hand become black because of the Fay Brand? Sorry for all the questions!! Just and idea: in the last chapter, I think you should have 2 pages devoted to a picture of when Trevor goes through the walls. I couldn’t really picture that and when there were those trees and the pool. Chapter 35 was kind of confusing for me. Thank you for coming in today!! And thanks for looking at all of our blogs and answering our questions!!
    -lama429 ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. bluebubbles412 Says:

    Why did Gorgon dress up as Santa? I still didn’t figure that out!

  135. Mortimus Says:


    Hmmm, very interesting. You may have something there. There’s a bit more to it though.


  136. Mortimus Says:



    Anything that glows or burns in Evenor is somehow related to the source of all the burning — including Zephyr’s glow.

    Yes, the Presence was the Watcher.

    Actually, it’s the other way round, Magi is plural and Magus is singular.

    Yes, Trevor still has the Augothon.

    And yes, the Fay Brand is the reason Trevor’s hand is now black.

    Try reading chapter 35 again. Because the place is so strange it takes a little work to imagine it. I’ll go over it when I visit your class next.


  137. Mortimus Says:


    He dressed like Santa because he wanted to gain the trust of the bullies. It’s kind of strange — but so’s Gorgon.


  138. supergirl717 Says:

    why was trveor cast down and chased by The Watcher when he was the chosen one…did gorgon get chased by the watcher too when he went up there earlier in his time??? and…DOES ZEPHRY COME BACK IN THE SERIES??? (please say yes) that’s it for now…thanks


  139. supergirl717 Says:

    how do u see other ppl’s profiles and are u almost done with the second book cause I want to read more ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. lama429 Says:

    Thank you for answering all of my questions!! Sorry, but what is Evenor again? And your answer to the Magi question I asked you does make sense!! Thanks again!!
    -lama429 ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. Mortimus Says:


    The Watcher guards the way and doesn’t “care” about who is chosen and who isn’t.

    Yes, the Watcher also cast down Gorgon.

    Concerning Zephyr, remember what he told Trevor, once — “is this this the end of the story?”


  142. supergirl717 Says:

    thanks Morty…when are you coming in again???

  143. supergirl717 Says:

    i know i’ve been a nag but one more tiny question…how did the tree branch burn trevor’s hand when HE was chosen to grab it? is that the wayit protects itself? just questions that popped into my head…yeahhhhh

  144. Mortimus Says:


    Don’t worry about asking questions. I’m glad to answer them.

    Concerning Trevor — just because you’re chosen to do something doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.

    I seem to remember a few instances where being chosen hurt a lot.


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