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62 Middle School and High Schoolers begin reading THE PURLOINED BOY April 11th!

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48 Comments on “New Testament Christian School”

  1. therealmaggie Says:

    Hi Morty!!!
    The purloined boy is pretty good, but I have a question. Why did you make the fay brand a twig and not a glowing seed? I thought that might have been coolers, but I still also like the original twig idea. Also, how do you pronounce Epictetus? I have no clue and all i can do is call him Mr. E!!!!

  2. therealmaggie Says:

    Oh yeah and by the way my name is Maggie too. =] Thank you for writing this book.

  3. Mortimus Says:


    Glad you liked it. Good questions.

    For the pronounciation — here’s a help. The first part is “Epic” as in a movie epic. Then “Tea” — as in the drink. then “tus” on the end. Put it all together and it’s Epic-tea-tus. Epictetus.

    Now to the seed idea. I like it.

    There are two reasons though that it is a twig and not a seed. The final chapter where Trevor is hanging wouldn’t have worked with a seed. And When he gets back to the garden, I didn’t want to completely replace the Troth — I wanted to have the Fay Brand fuse to the roots.


  4. theoneanonlyjonnyboy Says:

    Hello Morty,
    I finished book already and enjoyed it.

    Did you have a special meaning when you gave mother root the southern dialect?

    Was there a specific person that you made mother root to resemble?

    Thanks for creating a great story.


  5. xojessica92 Says:

    Hey Morty,

    i really enjoyed this book, im usually not into these types of books that are fantasy, but i enjoyed this book.

    While reading the book i noticed that zephyr resembled God in a way, he helped them when they were in need, and he knew all about them before they knew him. Did you do that on purpose?

    Thank you for writing this book, and you were really funny when you came to our school
    This would make a cool movie :]

  6. xojessica92 Says:

    oh and by the way, i think you should make some books when trevor gets into his teenage years. I’d love to see what happens. Well thanks for the great book :]


  7. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks. I’m particularly glad you liked it, seeing that you don’t normally read this genre.


  8. Mortimus Says:


    With Mother Root I didn’t have any person in mind and the southern accent was more a matter of where she lived than anything.

    I just thought, “What sort of woman lives by herself in a log cabin?” and boom — I had Mother Root.

    In the next book you’ll meet “Grandaddy Longlegs” and you’ll like him, I think.

    He’s Mother’s boyfriend. Mother’s been waiting for a few thousand years for Grandaddy to “pop” the question, but since grandaddy’s a “ramblin’ man” he can’t bring himself to settle down.


  9. supernatural772 Says:

    hey morty!

    I was wondering if you had any plans for zephyr for the furture or if that was the end of it? by the way your book was very interesting…VERY different than anything ive ever read.

    you should come to our school again i liked your stories :]

  10. kangaroo0221 Says:

    Hey morty,

    I love that you are a self published author but sometimes i have trouble following the setting of your novel. I think it would be better with more imagery,but anyways, back to the self published part. How hard was it to get self published, did you submit it to any literary agents?


  11. Mortimus Says:


    A couple of thoughts. On imagery, do you have any particular parts of the story that give you trouble?

    On self-publishing. Actually I’m not self-published. I have a literary agent who represents me to major publishing houses. The book you’re reading is an “Advanced Review Copy” — it is not for sale. It is only being used to test market the book.


  12. stephxoxo Says:

    Hey Morty,

    I enjoyed reading your book, it was interesting and had a different plot than a lot of fiction books normally do. I was just wondering, is there a specific person, place, or event that inspired you? I read above that both the Bible and Stoicism were inspirations to you, and I’m wondering how Stoicism inspired you, seeing as how Soics are so contradictory to the Bible. My other question was, who is the glowing man that chases the wolves away, and will we get to see him again? I love that your book uses a lot of symbolism that makes you stop and think while your reading. Thanks


  13. girlygirl100 Says:

    Hey Morty,

    I loved this book. I really don’t read much unless I have to for school but this one I loved. I kept on reading on and on, and if my parents made me go to bed I would read for a couple more minutes. I love to write books and right now I’m stuck. Four middle school kid’s and they drop out of school. So i don’t know if they should have foster parents or if they should take care of them selves. This book has gaved me ideas for my book. I have one question is Zephyr supposed to be God and the people are earth are the people that Zephyr helps? please get back to me. Thanks so much

    – Anna

  14. billo1394 Says:


    I really liked this book. the only quetion that i had about it was what is the purpose of the balls that he has to walk through on the invisable stairs?

  15. Mortimus Says:


    You’re right that many of he Stoics do disagree with biblical revelation at important points. But that doesn’t mean that they do on all points. There are many things to admire in Stoicism.

    When I eat chicken I throw away the bones. There are many writers I disagree with at many points but often I still get good things out of reading them.

    Epictetus was a real Stoic philosopher, by the way. He was a real slave too!


  16. Mortimus Says:


    You’re the first to ask about the spheres!

    The world that Trevor has been taken to is a Ptolemaic world — meaning the earth is at the center and the sun, moon and stars revolve around it.

    Before Galileo most people believed our world worked just like Evenor.


  17. hobbits1215 Says:

    Thank You Mr. Clay for writting the book. It was very interesting.
    I reallly like the characters and the themes. My favorite characters are Maggie and Zepher {the mouse}.Maggie is very adventurious and ambitious and Zepher teaches trust.
    What is going to happen in the next book?
    I really had a hard time with the bogeymen eating the childen and Trevor seems to do everything in his own power. Can you show me how this relates to God?
    The themes of courage, trust and friendship are awesome. Thank you.

  18. Mortimus Says:


    Concerning the power that makes the difference for Trevor here are some thoughts:

    At the beginning of the story Trevor is full of fear but early on he experiences the first stirings of courage — why do you suppose he does? Epictetus gives you a clue.

    When Zephyr is helping Trevor escape, who is doing all the work?

    When Trevor is running from the Watcher, how does he get past him?

    When Trevor and Maggie are about to be eaten by wolves, who saves them?

    If you read the story closely you will see that Trevor never actually does anything. At each step there is something that makes it possible for him to do what he does.


  19. kangaroo0221 Says:

    “On self-publishing. Actually I’m not self-published. I have a literary agent who represents me to major publishing houses. The book you’re reading is an “Advanced Review Copy” — it is not for sale. It is only being used to test market the book.”

    oh, sorry, my teacher said that you were self published.

  20. Mortimus Says:


    That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with self-publishing. I just don’t know much about it.


  21. tatum16 Says:

    Dear Mortimus,

    My favorite genre of writing is fantasy, and I really am enjoying “The Purloined Boy.” I think its a unique story and very original and different than other stories. So bravo for that. ;]. I have a question for you though. I was wondering if there are any books that you read in your life that inspired you to start writing? Also, will there be some new and exciting characters in book 2?

  22. ciscobaseball14 Says:

    Dear Morty
    How were you inspired to make this book. I think this is a really good book because it has all of teh elements i like! fighting, action, and adventure. I am really looking foward to the next book

  23. ciscobaseball14 Says:

    I love how you made it a good vs evil book we are reading it in my class and i love the characters
    zepher is my fave. I am dying to read the next book so hurry up and finish it k….. My teacher told me that you were self published can u tell me how that works?
    See ya morty

  24. jmh1219 Says:

    Hi Morty!

    So far I like reading your book, “The Purloined Boy”, but haven’t finish reading it. I was wondering if the characters in the story represent biblical characters or were inspiried by people you know?

  25. Mortimus Says:


    Yes, there are lots of books that inspired me and still do!

    Like many people I enjoy Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I also think there are some interesting things being written nowadays. Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimeaus trilogy is good.

    But if you really want to know the original source material for my writing — it is not so much other authors as it is ideas that come from philosophy, theology, and political science.

    On the webpage for the book I discuss some of those sources in the Question and Answer section.


  26. grade7lit Says:

    hello Morty,
    i love the book. want to know in this book where there any intentions of a crush between maggie [ abigale ] or trevor.

    I think that this book i saw alot of The cronicles of narnia, the Pricess Bride, and the Lord of the rings.
    i too see aloy of the bible like the burning man and alot of other things.

    sincerely B.P.

  27. Mortimus Says:


    Yes, there is a bit of a thing there between Maggie and Trevor!


  28. crazyace1104 Says:

    Hey Morty,
    I would just like to say that this book is a really good book. I would like to ask you why Zephyr had to die at the end of the first book? Is there a reason for having him die?

    Just wondering.


  29. grade7lit Says:

    I really like your book and im not one that likes to read all that much. Im only on chapter 32, but im finishing the book this weekend. I especially like the part is when trevor find out what the pig( Augothon) is and what it does. I think it would be very cool to have your own Augothon. I see in this book alot stuff that is in the bible or in other movies. that is cool.



    PS: I can’t wait until your next book(the wierdling) to come out.

  30. perv Says:

    hey mort,
    your book would make a GREAT 3-6 grade book but it makes a HORRIBLE high school book but im only on chapter 15 and i think it would make a good movie though.



  31. perv Says:

    oh yeah and is this book supposed to be christian


    perv (C.J.)

  32. Mortimus Says:


    Remember what Zephyr tells Trevor at one point, “Is this the end of the story?”


  33. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks for the thought. Yes, it would be nice to have your own augothon. But I have a feeling it wouldn’t do anything you wanted it to do. It seems to have a mind of its own.


  34. grade7lit Says:

    Dear Morty,
    I think that this book is one of the best books i have ever read. One thing i liked about the book was the way you described things. For example when you described the land you said that someone picked the land up and wrinkled it and placed it down again. That was a cool way to describe it. I do have a question for you though. Is this book a symbolic book, like when you talked about Zephyr,was that a guardian angel?? Another example was the magi were they the three wise men?? I enjoyed reading this book and i CANT wait for the next book to come out!!!

  35. grade7lit Says:

    that was from me km i forgot to write my name. ha ha ha!!! sry

  36. grade7lit Says:

    Dear morty
    Just to let u know this would make a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT movie. 🙂 😉

  37. grade7lit Says:

    hey morty,
    I enjoyed the book and I thought it was good, but I think it would be better as a movie. Do you have/had any ideas of making it a movie? What inspired you to write about this story because the plot and how it turned out isn’t someone (I think) could just think of easily.

  38. nousernamesareavailable Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for letting us preview your book. I really enjoyed reading it and would like to know when it will be published and when the second one is comming out.
    I’m not done reading the book yet but I’m excited to find out how it ends!
    Thanks again!

  39. callsteve7819631090 Says:

    Yo Morty,
    The Purloined Boy was a very interesting book that kept me interested. The only constructive criticism I have is that your story seems similar to Harry Potter. I also seemed to lose interest in the last couple chapters.

  40. mortyisrad Says:

    Seeing as this is the first book you have written, it was really good. I do have some questions though. Near the end of the story, Trevor is climbing stairs and my question is, What do those stairs represent?…Journey to heaven? and why were they invisible? Other than that I understood your writing and I was amazed at how quickly the story passed as i got into it.
    Thank you for your time,
    Mike a.k.a. Jarome

  41. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks for the input.

    I’m afraid that any stories about middle school kids in a fantasy will be judged against Harry Potter. Ah, well — not much I can do about that.

    As to your other comment. You’ve got me thinking about some ways to perhaps jazz up the ending a bit. I thought the encounter with the Watcher and the journey up the stair would be enough, but maybe there are some things I can do to create more suspense and give it a little more punch.

    Thanks for the thought.


  42. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks for the compliment.

    Concerning the stair — I didn’t really intend for it to represent anything. It just is what it is. Although I’m not against people seeing as meaning something.

    Here’s how I came up with it. Before Copernicus, everyone thought the earth was motionless and at the center of the universe. The problem with this theory is that the sky seems to move — sun, moon, stars — they’re all moving.

    So the ancients theorized that the earth was surrounded by several invisible spheres all moving in time with each other. Think of living inside a set of giant balls — one inside another. Plato goes into great detail as to how this works in his magnum opus — The Republic.

    Well, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if you lived in a world that really worked like that.

    Then I wondered, what would be outside the last ball? Then I wondered, how would you find out? You’d need a stair. It would need to be invisible so that you wouldn’t see it from the ground.

    It was really that simple.


  43. perv Says:

    hey could you give me a quick summary of your book


  44. Mortimus Says:


    A quick summary is pretty had to do.

    Why not check out the official website? There are some things there that may help you. Just click on The Purloined Boy on the blogroll to go there.


  45. grade7lit Says:

    hello morty!!!

    I was just wondering do you plan on making any other books/sereis?? In your own opinion do you think that this book would make a good movie? I LOVE your book.

    Another question is what do you do if you are trying to write a book and you killed someone in the book that later on in the book you need, and if they didnt die it wouldnt make sense?

    your pal,
    Kylie isso cool!!

  46. grade7lit Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good work!!!!!!!!!

    your pal,
    Kylie is so cool

  47. Mortimus Says:


    Sometimes when you’re writing a story you have to go back an change things earlier in the story to keep it consistent.


    PS — Yes, I think it could be a good movie.

  48. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks! I appreciate it.


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