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52 Mansfield Middle Schoolers under the supervision of Mrs. K began reading THE PURLOINED BOY March 28th.

Blog with Morty here Mansfield Middle Schoolers.


48 Comments on “Mansfield Middle School”

  1. Mortimus Says:


    Great to be with you guys the other day. You folks had excellent questions about the book and the characters! I’m looking forward to hearing your questions and reading your comments!


  2. zerodragon32 Says:

    I am still very excited after reading this book. I was very sad when Zephyr died. But am still wondering if Trevor sees Epictetus and Zephyr in the underworld? I thought the watcher would be more of a wise man not a screaming giant.

  3. Mortimus Says:


    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I’m very glad you liked the book.

    Concerning the fate of Epictetus and Zephyr — I won’t say much but just remember the story isn’t over. There are at least two more books to go.

    So, the Watcher surprised you! Yeah, he surpised Trevor too. Here’s a question for you — do you think the Watcher is a good Watcher or a bad one? — meaning, is he a good guy or a bad guy?


  4. zerodragon32 Says:

    Well I think that the watcher is a bad guy because even though the watcher was protecting the burning lands was it really necessary to kill zephyr or anybody else that came. Like Gorgon for example, falling all that way down has got to hurt

  5. zerodragon32 Says:

    He could also be a good guy because if he is protecting a place of that much importance he must be a good guy. And no one has ever seen him except Trevor and the dead Zephyr so I could be wrong and he could be bad or good. I was just wondering unless this question is answered in one of the next books: who gave the position of watcher to the watcher and who is the big guy behind the burning lands.

  6. Mortimus Says:


    Excellent thoughts! I think both your posts bring up important points!

    It’s tough to know about the Watcher. Could he be a bad guy who is being used by good guys to do a nasty job? Or, is he a good guy that was just having a bad-hair day? Or, is he a good guy who has dirty work to do and only looks bad?



  7. zerodragon32 Says:

    Hello again Morty.
    Why was the color of the fruit from the Fay brand in purple clusters and not in glowing pears

  8. andrewthehammer Says:

    Hey mortimus clay Your BOOK WAS THE BEST BOOK EVER I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE WEIRDLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

  9. rainbowsx3 Says:

    Hello. I was wondering why it’s spelled bogeymen, not boogeymen. I know this is a petty question…but throughout the book I was wondering about it,

  10. andrewthehammer Says:

    hey morty why are the new fruit dark purple and not yellow and glowing????????
    I need an answer

  11. zerodragon32 Says:

    this is zerodragons friends where did you get the Idea for the suneaters and i thought that you should have detailed the bogies better because in the book it started getting confusing in the middle of the book when even more came in

  12. flatulentrat Says:

    The Purloined Boy is an awesome book! It took me a little bit to get sucked in, but after that, my mom had to practically drag me away for dinner! It was really good!

  13. gumaddict36 Says:

    this book was one of the best books ive ever read and i cant wait to read the next one! i loved when he was climbing up the invisible stairs at the end. where did you come up with that idea?

  14. andrewthehammer Says:

    what happend to zypher i miss him he ROCKS i want him to come back:(

  15. andrewthehammer Says:

    why did trevor fall to the garden when he fell it was weird!

  16. haloboy1994 Says:

    i liked the end of the book and the caractors were exsplaned well

  17. rainbowsx3 Says:

    I really loved the book and I can’t wait for the next two. My favorite character was Zephyr :]

  18. andrewthehammer Says:

    THE end had some mystery and what do the icaroo have in future storys

  19. russelljlwp Says:


  20. hobbes04 Says:

    I thought the book was pretty good

  21. hobbes04 Says:

    zephyr was cool

  22. zerodragon32 Says:

    This is the real zerodragon32 saying I can’t wait for your second book to come out and your third book after that. Thanks again for letting our school read this book. And I think the watcher is a good guy with a bad hair day doing a dirty job for whoever his superiors are.

  23. flatulentrat Says:

    I cant wait for the second and third books to come out. Do you have a date in mind for when they’re going to be ready?

  24. flatulentrat Says:

    I’m not usually a reader who likes less action and more explaining, and even though this was like that, I still loved it!

  25. flatulentrat Says:

    This is a pretty stupid question, but what made you choose a pear tree as the symbolic thing that made the energy paste stuff? Why not something else?

  26. themadhatter5 Says:

    hello. i really like how the book ended. it makes me want to read want to read all of the other books in the trilogy.

  27. chimpanzee123 Says:

    Hi, I thought that the book was ok. I think that the middle stretches out for a little too long but the end is kind of confusing because it ends right away without any info.

  28. Mortimus Says:


    The new tree is something new, but in an important way it had to come after the first tree.


    I thought bogeyman sounded a little scarier than boogeyman.


  29. Mortimus Says:


    The invisible stair was a practical way to deal with the problem of getting Trevor through the spheres to the sun. I thought it should be invisible so that it could be out in the open, yet a secret.


  30. Mortimus Says:


    Just remember what Zephyr said to Trevor when Epictetus died, “Is this the end of the story?”


  31. Mortimus Says:


    I wish I could say when the next books will be out, but I just don’t know.


  32. softball2nyydj Says:

    i love reading everyones thoughts but when they tell about the end and i havent finsihed it, it kind of stink. Im not saying dont tell then end,(since i allready know it), i just say how i feel.

  33. jollyroger1225 Says:

    I loved your book! I was disapointed when it ended. I was also disapointed when Zephyr died. Now how are they going to be able to help the new children that come?

  34. jollyroger1225 Says:

    Was there a main message that you were trying to tell the reader?

  35. Mortimus Says:


    I wouldn’t so much call it a message as much as a question I was thinking about.

    What would it take for someone to give up his heart’s desire (for at least a while) for the needs of others?

    Keep that in mind as you read the story and you’ll see the story in a different light, perhaps.


  36. jollyroger1225 Says:

    Why did you call it the TROTH?

  37. jollyroger1225 Says:

    Was “The Inspector of Incorgible Children” a Guardian or a bogeyman?

  38. jollyroger1225 Says:

    What made you want to write the story as a trilogy?

  39. jollyroger1225 Says:

    I apologize if I am asking to many questions.

  40. Mortimus Says:


    No, your questions are fine. Glad to answer them.

    The word “troth” is an old English root word for tree — it is also the root word for truth. I thought that was interesting. It is where we get the word betroth — as in betrothed to be married. The implication is that faithfulness is strong and vital — like a tree.

    The Inspector is neither. He’s not human and he’s not a bogey. There are many monsters in Evenor.

    The story is so big I needed to break it up into 3 parts.


  41. tme1327 Says:

    I thought the book was OK some parts were a little boring with the explanations, but overall it was a good book. I did get into the book though, I was really sad when Zyphyr and Epictetus died.

  42. andrewthehammer Says:

    Well i guess i’m the only one who remembered this book
    when is the new one comeing out i want to read it sooooo bad
    add a map to your new book it will be very helpfull (:
    (\ /)

  43. andrewthehammer Says:

    (\ /)
    there he’s better

  44. Mortimus Says:


    Good to hear from you! Look for some announcement from Finster Press about the realease dates for the books.

    Also, Justin Gerard should have the cover art for book two in a few days.


  45. andrewthehammer Says:

    thanks morty the new cover art is realy cool i like the icaroo and the kid who i actulay forgot his name its been so long i think it starts with an N or something but either way the books cover is good tell the artist i say its good!!
    thanks morty

  46. andrewthehammer Says:

    hey morty its me again and i bet you arent reading this anymore but i can’t find your books in any stors in mansfield ok

    hey news flash the classes you viseted are goung into 9th grade now so i wont be inMMs any more so bye bye mrs K see ya next year morty i guess i have too much time and i remembered the characters name its trevor where can i get both the books its july first 08 and i havent found either

  47. andrewthehammer Says:

    ya i know i said next yoar but its raining in greenfield (ma) and its soooooooooooooooo boring so im just wrighting to say hi and where i can find these books so just blog me back ok

  48. Mortimus Says:


    Glad to here from you! The reason that you’ve not been able to find the books is because they’re not out yet.

    There is a saying that goes — art is long and life is short. In publishing, things take forever.

    It has been a busy year and I’ve not been able to complete the re-write as quickly as I had hoped. The good news is that I’m done! And now I’m cleaning it up and getting it off to the editor. The bad news is that the book is still 6 months a way from publication at the soonest. Sorry about that.

    I’m happy to say I’m very happy with how it came out. It is much better than the early version you read.

    You’re on my mailing list. When it is available I’ll let you know.


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