Trinity Christian School: Windsor

Hey gang,

Post your comments and questions about The Purloined Boy here!


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  1. mrsgartley Says:

    Hi. I teach Tech and Library at TCs and will be reading the book along with the kids this break. I am looking forwward to it. I have heard GREAT things about your book from a student at King’s School.

  2. wallerblmfld Says:

    Just checking in to see which of my students have already blogged. Nice to see mrsgartley is in on the quest. Some of my 8th graders have already finished the book. (I only assigned the book as required reading this past Monday) Why did you decide to write a book that included “the bogeyman”?

  3. Mortimus Says:


    Pleased to meet you, albeit elctronically.

    I hope you enjoy the book. There have been a number of changes to the story since the market-test version was printed. That’s what you have. Actually, you’re a little ahead of the game. The book you have has become the basis for the first two books in the series.

    I’m glad for the report. I’ve been very pleased with how the story has been received.


  4. Mortimus Says:


    Wow! They’re fast readers. I hope that they enjoyed it.

    Thanks for the question about the bogeymen. There is more than one. In fact there’s a whole city of them.

    I suppose the reason I chose bogeymen is that they’re under-represented in fantasy literature. Another reason is the name “bogeymen” sounds funny. I thought, considering the rather grusome themes in the story I needed something funny sounding.


  5. wallerblmfld Says:

    Wow! I started reading the book yesterday after Christmas dinner with my family. I figured I’d read about 50 pages a day in order to have the book finished before I returned to school next week. Day two, I’m on page 131! I couldn’t put the book down. I love the flow. And yes, after reading a bit, I see there is a world of ‘bogeymen’. Perhaps I’m reading too much into the novel, but there appears to be quite a bit of biblical symbolism? I love it!!! I hope my students pick up on some of these. I especially enjoy Trevor and his curious nature. He would make an awesome ‘Illuminator’ to replace the orginal “Greatest Illuminator” now Fallen Leader. You mentioned you changed the ending. I’m anxious to finish the book and find out what changes you made. My one student who finished the book, didn’t seem pleased with the ending. I’m very curious.

    I especially loved the community of Troth. (Truth). However, I thought there could have been a bit more color there. But the tree of Troth (tree of knowledge) seem to make up for this. Well, I don’t want to give away too much, since none of my students have yet blogged. I’ll comment again after I’ve finished the book.

    When will the book go to market?

  6. theourloinedboy Says:

    love your book. cant wate to read the reast of them. this book was so good i could not put it down. thank you for writing this book.


  7. Mortimus Says:


    Glad you’re enjoying it.

    I agree, the market-test version is thin in spots. After meeting with my agent this summer I decided to take his advice and break what you’re reading into two parts and lengthen things out.

    The total word count for what you’re reading is about 75,000 words. The new first book will have just about 70,000 words, and the second about the same. So, it is nearly double the length between the two books.

    There will be five books in the series.

    Concerning symbolism, yes, I’ve drawn on many sources. I think it is important for me to stress that the story is not a proper allegory. I’d rather call it theologically informed, or inspired. But there is probably even more philosophy informing the story than even theology.

    Anyway, glad you’re enjoying it.

    Also, be sure to let your student know that the story isn’t over at the end of the book you’re reading. There is a whole lot more to go.


  8. cedricxavier Says:

    I’ve have enjoyed reading this book soo far. Unlike some other books I have read, this one keeps me interested in it. I plan to finish the book today or tomarrow. I’ve been buisy with the holadays though, so today im going to really try to finish that book. So far I don’t have any real questions for it just some compliments.After I finish reading it I’ll be sure to tell you my over all thought on the book.

  9. cedricxavier Says:

    i have finished the book and over all i liked it. The story got me interested and made me keep one reading. The ending was unexpected though. Now i want to see what happens in the next book

  10. theourloinedboy Says:

    I really like your book its very interesting. I was wondering what inspired you to write this book?

  11. Mortimus Says:


    Lots of reasons. I guess the biggest one is that I had these images in my head that I knew would make a great story. So, when I just couldn’t get rid of them, I started writing the story down.

    The more of the story I told, the more I had to tell — and before you know it I had the basis of the first two books in a series of books.

    From what I have read, that’s often the way books get written.


  12. acebeazy Says:

    I just finish readin the book and it was very interesting. i actually skipped breakest this morning to finish it. i was extremely dissapointed with the ending though. overall, the book was good. it kept me hooked and i will be happy to reccomend it to some of my friends

  13. Mortimus Says:


    What you read isn’t the final ending. In fact it is just the stepping off point for book three in a five part series.


  14. acebeazy Says:

    thats gud 2 know morty. i hope that the sequel is as gud if not better than the original

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